An easy guide to Foreign coin collecting

An easy guide to Foreign coin collecting

Well I’ve never have seen a coin like that before! Wow I sure would like to have some more coins like this. These are some of the typical reaction a person may have when first encountering foreign coins. Foreign coin collecting is the hobby of collecting coins from countries other than your own home country. Foreign coin collecting is a field that allows a wide variety of choices in what to collect and is also relatively cheap. Let’s discuss three of the major variety of foreign coin collecting.

One of the most popular ways to collect is to collect foreign coins by theme. Perhaps one of your other hobbies is bee keeping. Fortunately for you ,you can also collect coins from around the world that feature bees on them. The famous ancient Greek coins are popular in this regard. Or maybe you have more of an interest in famous and important individuals, this is a rather easy theme to collect since many countries like to highlight their luminaries both past and present on their coinage.

Maybe collecting by theme is not for you. Consider also these two simple and easy ideas. Collect by denomination. For instance a wide and interesting collection can be made of just the many different varieties of pennies to be found in the world. Or maybe you would like to collect coins of just a certain year, again foreign coins offer that cheaply and easily.

Enjoy collecting foreign coins, and see the world in your hands

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  1. Hi. I have a the bank of Korea 10 piece, the year is 1971. i went on a website and it said they were made from 1966 to 1970 i was wondering if you had any idea how much it is worth?

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