Coin collecting for kids

Coin collecting for kids

Coin collecting for kids can be a fun activity and hobby for you and your children. It can give you time together with your children and can also give them an investment in their future. It could be something as simple as going through all your loose change and collecting all the coins of the year they were born or just collecting pennies.

Coin collecting for kids has been around for a long time because its original reason was a way to give kids an investment for their future. Now it has become more of a hobby for parents to do with their children. They even have machines now that will stamp a penny into a coin with a picture on it of an animal or a building.

You can use your loose change to create a coin collection for your kids or you can go to the most extreme extent and actually look up and buy coins of value. You can buy collections from the U.S. mint and they are worth a lot of money when you originally purchase them and continue to gain value as they age. This is the more expensive routes to go but it is well worth the original investment in the long run.

The collections that they could pass down to their kids or turn in and use for their future is more than worth the investment, because in the long run you have the memories of the time spent with the kids collecting coins.

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  1. I started coin collecting as a kid with my paper route money. It was amazing, buffalo nickels,mercury dimes, steel pennies and more. Nowadays, adults deliver papers. It’s harder to get get kids involved

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