Coin Collecting Supplies

Coin Collecting Supplies

Coin collector supplies do not have to be expensive. Reasonably priced supplies can be purchased online and at coin shops. Thrift stores, used book stores and other places that handle used goods occasionally have these supplies.


Albums are an important part of coin collector supplies. Coin collector albums made specifically for each denomination of coin are available at coin shops, office supply stores and many large retailers. Plastic page inserts with coin pockets can be used with any type of notebook or album.

Coin Cases

Fold over cardboard cases with clear plastic inserts are usually very inexpensive. They can be stapled or taped closed. Plastic cases can also be purchased at a higher cost than the cardboard ones. These are more suitable for coins placed in display cases.


A good magnifying glass is an essential tool for any coin collector. Lighted magnifying glasses are available as well as smaller credit card size magnifiers that can be carried in your wallet or pocket.

Written Records

It is important to have a written record of the coins in your collection. It’s also essential for insurance purposes. A notebook or a document in your computer can be updated each time you make new purchases. Value guides can also be used to record your coin collection.

Value Guides

Another important part of coin collector supplies are the value guides. Mark each coin in your collection on the appropriate line in the guide. Value guides can be purchased at coin shops and book stores.

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    God Bless!


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