Coin Collector Shows Attract Buyers and Sellers

Coin Collector Shows Attract Buyers and Sellers

Coin collector shows are among the best meeting places for individuals interested in either buying or selling rare coins, currency, bullion and tokens. No matter where you live in the world, there are interesting coin collector shows scheduled in every state and in every country throughout the year. It’s easy to find a show convenient to your location by looking up schedules of coin shows online. Many dealers use coin shows as an opportunity to showcase their best merchandise.

Coin collector shows are a wonderful way to meet dozens of coin buyers and sellers all in the same location without having to travel from one coin shop to another. It’s an excellent way to meet and network with a wide variety of individuals who are either coin hobbyists or deal with coins as professional sellers.

There are a number of things to keep in mind in order to make effective use of your time when visiting a coin collector show. Be sure you bring your own magnifying loupe if you want to check out any of the extra fine detail on a coin or currency item. Make sure you have plenty of cash in your wallet because most dealers will not accept credit card or personal check payments for any of their merchandise at a show. Be courteous and patient when asking to see any merchandise and don’t carry any cases, papers or bags that may make the dealer suspicious that you are looking to steal his coins.

Keep track of the coins you are inspecting and never walk away from a dealer’s table at a show holding any coin that hasn’t been paid for because security will escort you right out the door. If you are looking at coins in a fixed price box, hand your purchases to the dealer for safekeeping before looking at coins in other price ranges. If you pick up a coin to inspect it more closely, be sure you return it to the exact same location in the dealer’s display to avoid confusion. Never ask a dealer to hold a coin until the close of the show. If you are interested in a specific item, be ready to close the deal with a cash payment.

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