Finding Collectible Coins

Finding Collectible Coins

Coin collecting is truly a lifelong hobby, appealing to children and grandparents alike. Finding collectible coins that may be worth more than their face value is a priceless thrill that never grows old. Even better, coin collecting can be an educational experience for younger children who wish to learn about history, politics and geography without reading pages upon pages of boring schoolbooks.

There are a few basic things to look for when determining whether a coin is collectible or not. First, the age of the coin matters. As a rule, older coins are more valuable than newer coins because fewer of them remain in circulation. The condition of the coin is also quite important. Since currency naturally deteriorates as it gets older and is continually exposed to the elements, old coins in good condition can be quite valuable. Coin collecting experts consult a detailed scale to determine the precise condition of an older coin and thus its value.

However, finding collectible coins is most rewarding when collectors pay close attention to potentially unique characteristics of individual pieces of currency. Because coins are minted in automated facilities with a very low incidence of error, any blemishes or mistakes on the surface of a coin can immediately increase its value. For example, a mint year printed twice or a backwards image will turn an ordinary coin into something extraordinary. Consult a professional dealer for guidance if you find one of these errors.

Finding collectible coins is fun and enriching. Get started today!

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