Rare American coins

Rare American coins

Every coin collector dreams of stumbling across a rare collector’s piece, and many search for such a coin throughout a lifetime. While rare coins exist in every country in the world, these can be hard for U.S. citizens to locate. Luckily, there are many rare American coins that are still available today.

The 1969-S Lincoln cent with a doubled die obverse is the rarest of all the American coins sought by collectors. Be careful when looking at one of these coins, however, as there are many counterfeits. Check to assure that the entire heads side is doubled, other than the mint mark. Coins with doubled mint marks are worth far less than those without. This coin is estimated to be worth approximately $35,000.

Another rare American coin is the 1943 copper penny, which is worth anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. The reason this coin is so rare is that it was made out of copper in a time when coins were made from steel. There are reportedly fewer than 12 1943 copper pennies confirmed to exist. This coin also has many counterfeits, so test any possible finds with a magnet to see if it sticks. If the penny does not stick, it could be real.

A third of the most rare American coins that has been known to come up at auctions is the double die penny made in 1955. Valued at anywhere from $300 to more than $25,000, this penny was created by improper alignment during minting. Uncirculated pennies are worth upwards of $25,000, while circulated versions are worth as much as $1,000 if they are in good condition.

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  1. Hi there my son has found a 1941 penny the same as the one shown above but is not double printed but is pretty old is this worth anything? he has been collecting pennys for over 10 years now and has a lot of older coins we were just curious.

    1. No mint mark (Philadelphia):
      Very worn condition – $0.05
      Moderately worn – $0.14
      Slightly worn – $0.29
      Almost no wear – $0.50
      Uncirculated – $1.15 to $27.50 depending on quality

      “D” mint mark (Denver):
      Very worn – $0.06
      Moderately worn – $0.29
      Slightly worn – $0.52
      Almost no wear – $1.30
      Uncirculated – $2.01 to $25.00

      “S” mint mark (San Francisco):
      Very worn – $0.06
      Moderately worn – $0.38
      Slightly worn – $0.67
      Almost no wear – $1.30
      Uncirculated – $2.59 to $26.25

  2. I have a 1809 coin with a head on each side, is it worth anything?
    characteristics: two-headed, gold, and heads look like an anceint greek person.

  3. About 3-5 cents I think mostly because it was about the only coin to have over 1 billion minted so it is fairly common

  4. I’ve a 1915 one cent as pictured above back is the wheat sign says E.PLURIBIS.UNUM coin. I hear it’s a rare collection coin. Do you know the value of this coin?

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